Braga Mobility Open

Bragamob have been working with mobility programmes since September 2012, having a vast experience already acquired in the area. Our professional, dynamic and young staff has been dealing with mobility programmes since 2008 and has worked directly with participants from 20 countries from the EU, but also from Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. We are located in Braga (the third biggest city of the country), in the North of Portugal, just 15 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, 40 minutes away from the Porto Airport and 1 hour from Vigo’s airport in Spain.

Braga Mobility Open, or Braga mob for short, is an open door for your international, professional and cultural journey and we are positive we will provide one of the most incredible experiences in your life in the scope of Mobility for individuals.

For us, mobility is much more than just logistics; it’s also the experience, the knowledge, the good practices, the atmosphere of each country, the cultural exchange, the personal relationships, the integration of the participants, the friendship, the gastronomy and the multiple experiences acquired in a different country.

Braga mob won a nice award in the end of November 2013, resulting from the partnership between Braga mob and the Municipality, winning best project, best participant and also best project results in Estonia. It was awesome for us personally, but most importantly it was due to our capacity to perform everything according to the quality commitments, being loyal with our partner’s compromise and following our work philosophy, which is the “participants’ satisfaction”.

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